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Rs. 260 Rs. 234 Stock-TEAME ICED  ALL FLAVOURS

Five delicious flavours: This combo pack of TEAME ice brews is fun, times five. Each flavour is a refreshing blend of fruits and herbs, delivering goodness in every sip. Share with friends and family, or keep them all for yourself. Either way, these delicious brews are the perfect drink for every occasion. So just dip in cold water, and get started.


TE-A-ME ice brews are delicious new blends of fruits, herbs and all things nice. They are all-natural and super-healthy, giving a refreshing burst of goodness with every sip. It can be brewed in minutes, just using cold water - no boiling required.



Lychee: Apple(24% ), rosehip(20% ), hibiscus(31.80% ), natural lychee flavour(15% ), natural flavouring substances(6.50% ), rose petal(1% ), marigold(1% ), steviol glycosides (INS960) (0.70%).
Peach: Black tea(77% ), natural peach flavour(15% ), natural flavouring substances(5% ), rose petal(1.25% ), marigold(1.25% ), steviol glycosides (INS960)(0.50%)

Wild Berry: Hibiscus(68% ), apple peel(22.50% ), natural strawberry flavour(2.50% ), natural raspberry flavour(2.50% ), natural flavouring substances( 2%), rose petal(1.25% ), marigold(1.25% )
Mint Green: Green tea(89% ), natural mint flavour(5% ), natural flavouring substances(3% ), marigold(1.30% ), lemongrass(1.30% ), steviol glycosides (INS960)( 0.40%)
Lemon: Black tea(63% ), natural lemon flavour(16% ), apple peel citric acid(12% ), natural flavouring substances(6% ), marigold(1.25% ), lemongrass(1.25% ), steviol glycosides (INS960)(0.50% )

100% natural ingredients, NON GMO, gluten free, no added sugar, no artificial colours.

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