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WELCOME TO TE-A-ME's - Online Tea Store

TE-A-ME brings alive a wide spectrum of feelings, through a fascinating range of ICE BREWS, BLACK, GREEN , WELLNESS , SPICED TEAS, AND FRUIT & FLOWER
ALL crafted from fine handpicked tea leaves and select natural ingredients
by leading tea experts who blend over 10 million cups every day enjoyed worldwide.

TE-A-ME is brought to you by Madhu Jayanti International Limited - a 75 year old company with a legacy of producing fine teas. Madhu Jayanti began its journey in 1942 with the vision to continuously flavour freshness in every sip of tea consumed around the world. TE-A-ME is our first step towards bringing out the functions of tea to consumers around the world. We also believe that tea tastes best when unadulterated with artificial flavours and additives - therefore all our teas are made from 100% Natural Ingredients and REAL spices.

TE-A-ME is proud to reach its customers base across towns, states, and even across borders, removing all geographical limitations via its online presence. TE-A-ME online store has allowed us to cater to shoppers who find it more convenient to browse and buy at times when retail locations are not traditionally open. Our online Tea store has saved time for the buyer, reducing phone calls about availability, specifications, hours of operation and have provided detailed information easily found on company and product pages. We thus provide more options and quicker delivery of products. Our customers can also read details about a product, brewing time, strength and its health benefits before making their final purchase.

In this technology and data-driven age, consumers are eager to validate their purchase decisions, and seek to do so by using reviews and feedback from other consumers. We at TE-A-ME team are happy to hold very high star-ratings by our consumers with overwhelmingly positive comments on Amazon as well as Product Website. This truly makes us feel loved, grateful and proud. The reviews and feedbacks of our valuable customers are the tractor beams that have ensured the ongoing trust held in TE-A-ME Teas. They have helped us evolve, grow, learn, improvise, serve and get better and better at what we do. We hope to keep this trust and connection growing.



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