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Elevate any Occasion with a Cup of Darjeeling Tea
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Darjeeling Tea

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Darjeeling tea elevates you

Elevate any occasion with the 'Champagne of teas'. These prized leaves, carefully chosen and hand plucked from the misty mountains of Darjeeling, evoke a delicate muscatel flavour in every cup. Much sought after by every tea connoisseur, Darjeeling tea serves an undeniably magnificent flavor. The taste and aroma of tea produced in Darjeeling cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Go ahead and give this one a shot without a second thought. The 87 tea estates in Darjeeling produce around 8.5 -9 million kg of tea annually approximately. There is a great demand of darjeeling tea all over the world specially from the overseas markets of Japan, Germany, UK and US.


Health Benefits of Darjeeling Tea


Abundant Antioxidants: A deficit of antioxidants accelerates aging and raises the risk for chronic illnesses. Drinking Darjeeling tea is a flavorful way to prevent this.


Oral Health: With its high levels of magnesium, drinking Darjeeling tea helps keep your teeth strong and healthy. It can, over time, prevent tooth loss.


Digestion and Gastric Ailments: The anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial properties of Darjeeling tea helps relieve inflamed stomach linings, gastric ulcers and remove the harmful bacteria residing in the stomach.


Skin Health: While keeping you fully hydrated, the anti-oxidants in Darjeeling tea eradicate the free oxygen radicals that are known for causing early signs of ageing and skin conditions like pimples and acne.


Immunity: Beat flu and common colds by drinking a warm cup of Darjeeling tea. Darjeeling tea contains Theanine, an amino acid that strengthens the immune system by inhibiting negative effects of a stress hormone called cortisol.


Chose The Best: TE-A-ME Darjeeling tea is made from the choicest tea leaves plucked from our select and finest tea estates of Darjeeling. Packaged in individually wrapped, air-tight tea bags for guaranteed freshness, aroma, and taste. 



Direction to use

Place a TE-A-ME darjeeling tea bag in a cup and pour hot water over it. Dip the darjeeling tea bag a few times and allow it to infuse for 3 (mild strength) to 5 (strong flavor) minutes. TE-A-ME darjeeling black tea is best served hot without milk. Add sugar or honey as per taste. 


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