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Tired of the same tea day after day? Admittedly we've never known the feeling. We've chosen eight of our favourites to give you a taste of our unique flavours range of tea, from lavender rose mint tea and rooibos orange to chamomile tea.


These prized teas comes in curative Caddies for a blissful and comforting cup. Six amazing whole Leaf Green Teas & Infusions in Elegant Caddies.


What’s in it?

This gift box contains the teas: Green Tea, Green Lavender Rose Mint Tea, Green Tea Citrus, Lemon & Ginger, Rooibos orange & Cinnamon, Chamomile.


Health benefits

All tea varieties in this box are rich in antioxidants and offer a range of health benefits, including better immune system, improved digestion, and stress relief, among others.

Ingredients 6 caddies
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