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Ginger Tulsi Honey Tea
Ginger Tulsi Honey
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Ginger Tulsi Honey

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Charge up with tulsi ginger honey tea

Charge up with this healing concoction of invigorating ginger, therapeutic tulsi and soothing honey. An all-purpose remedy passed down from generations, TE-A-ME tulsi tea with ginger honey can be enjoyed as a drink to boost immunity or simply as an instant pick-me-up, any time of the day!

Health benefits of tulsi ginger honey tea

Tulsi tea with ginger honey combines a powerful trio of potent and natural ingredients that are well-known for their exceptional curative properties. Tulsi is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent that helps prevent cold and flu; ginger aids in digestion; honey works wonders to soothe sore throat. Brewed from organic tulsi leaves and infused with the essence of pure ginger and natural honey, TE-A-ME tulsi tea is a daily treat for your mind and body. The vacuum seal packaging of these single-serve tea bags ensure that the health benefits and delicate taste of the blend are retained.

Directions for usage

Put a TE-A-ME Ginger Tulsi Honey tea bag in a cup and pour hot water into it. Let the blend steep for 3 to 5 minutes. Discard the tea bag and add sugar or honey, as per your taste (optional). TE-A-ME Ginger Tulsi Honey tea is best enjoyed as a light brew served without milk. Our ginger tulsi honey tea is available online — buy now!


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