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  • Goa DoothGOA | 16-07-2016

    Madhu jayanti International Limited announces the launch of its exclusive.TE-A-ME Flavour tea Station in the city

  • The Navhind TimesGOA | 16-07-2016

    Madhu Jayanti International launches tea station in city

    QUICK NOTES Madhu layanti International launches tea station in city (L-R) Ravi Kldwal, SunII Parikh and Jalkant Shroff during the launch of TE-A-ME flavor station at Manta PANAJI: Madhu Jayanti International Limited, a 70-year, Kolkata based tea company, expanded footprints in Goa With the launch of TE-A-ME flavor station on Friday. The flavor station, a stylised mobile tea cart, aims at connecting to urban individuals and drawing more consumers to the beverage, said company officials. It is a new concept being unveiled for the first time for Goan consumers, they said. "Tea is not just a traditional, old-fashioned drink to have at fixed time of day. It can have different avatars, catering to different people, moment and at every distinct need,` said Sunil Parikh, India head, TE-A-ME Teas. The company is trying to break the myth that tea is common drink and positioning it as hip beverage to young generation customers. The flavor station will enhance the experience of drinking tea by offering variety of flavors ranging from aromatic spices to fruit and flamer blended teas, said Parikh.

  • Food Service IndiaNational | 01-04-2016

    We have new flavours to expand our range of natural premium tea

    Sumit Shah, Executive Director, Madhu Jayanti International Ltd., a 70-year-old company involved in blending and packaging tea, speaks to FoodService India about the new flavours that his company will showcase at Aahar this year and the latest trends in the tea industry What are your expectations from Aahar this year? Being the largest show of its kind in South Asia. Aahar is a great platform to showcase our expertise and highlight our products amongst both retail and HoReCa customers. This year. we are excited at the prospect of showing our range of all natural premium teas. available in five ranges (Signature Black. Aromatic Spices. Natural Green. Fruit & Flower Infusions. Wellness Infusions) across 17 variants and targeted towards the upwardly mobile and health-conscious consumers of India. Having successfully launched in West. South and East India, we are now focusing on the North zone and are looking to interact with channel partners interested in partnering with us and ride the 65% y-o-y growth that the category has delivered for the past 4 years. Do you have new products/technology/design to showcase? We are adding to our existing collection of 17 flavours and are introducing three new exotic flavours to our Fruit & Flower Infusion range - Strawberry Cream, Peppermint, and Orange Ginger. Tested and tweaked extensively to work well with the taste profile of Indian consumers. these flavours will be launched at Aahar 2016 before they are introduced in the market in subsequent months. For HoReCa customers, we will launch our `Tea Flavour Station`, a unique concept that allows hotels, restaurants and even wedding caterers to add sophistication and convenience to their tea service offering. The Flavour Station is a mobile battery operated unit. which has in-built tea brewing and dispensing equipment, allowing customers to quickly serve a refreshing cup while engaging their consumers in the tea experience. What is it that you would most like to communicate to the buyers? As brand owners of TE-A-ME. we`d like to highlight the fact that we see tea much differently than what most other companies see it as. TE-A-ME sees tea as a functional beverage, with each variety invoking a new feeling, mood or emotion. It`s this view that differentiates us from the competition and has led to our success in West and South India. Our primary objective in participating at Aahar 2016 is to educate buyers about our brand proposition and introduce them to the whole new upcoming wave of functional teas. Which are the key trends and developments influencing the tea industry? There are two key trends that we are observing in the tea- and tea-bag category. First is the continued growth of green tea. This category has been growing at 60-65% y-o-y for the past three years and we`ve not seen any form of a slowdown in this segment. This tells us that more and more consumers are becoming health-conscious and adopting green tea as a lifestyle beverage as opposed to a mere one-off drink. At TE-A-ME. we have a range of six green teas. perfectly suited to the health needs of our consumers. The second trend relates to the consumption of tea as an OOH beverage. In the last few years, India has witnessed a drastic growth in the number of "Chai Bars" or tea-centered cafes. Currently, these are largely present in the metros. These chains are attracting consumers who like to indulge in high-end gourmet teas. This trend indicates a possible market opportunity for gourmet teas in retail and HoReCa category. Which are the fastest-growing categories in the tea bag segment? The tea bag industry is growing rapidly in India and is estimated to be around Rs.550-600 crore. Changing consumer preferences, increase in the choice of flavours, upgraded packaging and a more satisfactory tea drinking experience are the drivers of growth, leading towards an average 27-30% growth y-o-y. which shall continue for the next 4-5 years. Green tea is estimated to be in 65-70% growth range, followed by Infusions at 30% and Flavored Spices teas at 10-15%. Signature black teas markets are stagnant, because of its wide reach and less market demand.**

  • Progressive Grocer IndiaNational | 26-08-2015

    We`ve created tea gift boxes that cater to various price points

    "We`ve created tea gift boxes that cater to various price points" Sumit Shah, Executive Director-, Madhu Jayanti International Limited, speaks to Progressive Grocer about the emergence of exotic teas as a gifting trend finding favour with the new generation and his brand`s new initiatives in gift marketing tea bags. As a tea brand, what are your hopes and expectations from the coming festive season? Festive season can also be stressful for people having to `hunt` for new gifts, which will be appreciated by their loved ones. There is the pressure to gift a thoughtful yet useful thing. Over the years we`ve noticed people moving away from traditional gift items such as sweets and going for more innovative gift items such as cheese and teas. Gifting exotic teas and infusions is the new trend and the young generation is now fascinated towards this trend. Are you planning to revamp your gift collection of products as well? Our new octagonal green tea assortment is a super-premium gift box with finest and exotic variants of green tea and green tea flavours. The aesthetic look and the improved packaging goes perfectly with the festive gifting ideas. It is an ideal gift for someone you wish a healthy and comforting happiness. What is your strategy for gift marketing this coming festive season? At TE-A-ME, We are created gift boxes that cater to various price points, allowing consumers to indulge in a complete range of exotic tea varieties, irrespective of their gifting budget. TE-A-ME has introduced two exciting range of gifting solutions for this festive season. TE-A-ME Wooden Tea Chest is a unique selection of signature black, natural green, aromatic spices and fruit & flower infusions, presented in a premium wooden box. The box contains 54 tea bags in a selection of nine flavours prices priced at Rs 1,400. TE-A-ME Green Assortment Gift Box contains six green teas, packed in an attractive gift pack. The gift provides for a total of 60 teabags, 10 bags each of six flavours. The box is priced at Rs 695. Have you created customised gift packs for corporate and retail customers? TE-A-ME gift boxes are available both for corporates and the retail market. Our gift packs can be customised to incorporate corporate branding, if required. How much of a sales increase do you expect during the festive season? During the festive season, generally our sales goes up by 30 per cent average for any category. We are looking at the green tea range and assortment gift box to be the bestselling SKU during the festive season. Consumers are now-a-days trying new pairings for their gifting items and tea fits into their requirements. Companies today are using smart packaging strategies to woo consumers. What is your strategy on packaging? TE-A-ME gift packs come with a modern look and with aesthetic values associated with it. It`s trendy and at the same time easy to carry and affordable. The shape and colour play a very important role in a buying decision during the festive season. TE-A-ME complements all of these and delivers the best product at a very affordable and handy price point.

  • New Indian ExpressBangalore | 14-08-2015

    Out & About

    JW Marriott Tea lovers of the city came together for TE-A-ME, a tea-tasting session. Hosted by Madhu Jayanti International Limited, the event featured a pairing session from a selection of gourmet teas and an appetising spread, put together by chef Jolly.

  • Andhra JyothiBangalore | 13-08-2015

    TE-A-ME With Madhu Jayanti Co

  • Bangalore NewsBangalore | 13-08-2015

    Organises ‘T – Day’ - to celebrate the many moods of tea

    TE-A-ME—A Tea for Every Me Natural Green Teas · Green tea—to purify · Honey Lemon Green tea—to renew · Mint Green tea—to revive · Kashmiri kahwa —to uplift · Jasmine green tea—to soothe Aromatic Spice Teas · Masala tea—to indulge · Cardamom tea—to charm · Ginger tea—to charge Fruit and Flower Infusions · Chamomile tea—to unwind · Apple cinnamon—to embrace · Cranberry apple—to cheer Signature Black Teas · Earl Grey tea—to inspire · Lemon tea—to refresh · English breakfast tea—wake up · Assam tea—to energise · Darjeeling tea—to elevate Wellness Infusions · Tulsi green tea—to restore Madhu Jayanti International Limited, the 70 year old leading exporter of teas across 42 countries with more than 10 brands, today celebrated the launch of ‘TE-AME’,a premium range of tea bags, with a unique pairing session of mood-inspired teas, delectable food and music titled ‘T- Day’, celebrating the many moods of tea. The session was conducted by Chef Jolly,Executive Chef, J W Marriot Hotel, Bengaluru along with Mr. Sumit Shah, Executive Director, Madhu Jayanti International Limited, engaging all in a tête-à-tête about food and tea in the intimate atmosphere of J W Marriot Hotel. Influencing the way food tastes music was used to add for an element of drama to the show, intertwined with each food pairing. Tea is an amazingly modern and versatile drink – it can have different avatars, catering to different people, moment and every distinct need. Thus, positioned as ‘a tea for every me’, TE-A-ME aims to connect with the urban individual with multi dimensional lives, by enhancing various experiences and moods at different times and occasions. For every possible mood or benefit desired, TE-A-ME offers a perfect match. Food pairing is a sensory science, an adventure of flavour in itself, where the palates experience true burst of flavour combined with aroma and texture. Just like wine, tea pairs well with food. Hence to bring out the beauty of the beverage as companion for your every mood and for every moment of the day, Chef Jolly selected six different flavours from the range of TE-A-ME teas to create a flavour bridge from one course to another complementing each mood and time of the day. The guests were welcomed with a refreshing Apple Cranberry Mocktail to set the mood for the special day. To showcase the versatility of the exotic teas, Chef rustled up in a live set-up some marvellous delicacies matched to perfection like Kahwa Frappe infused with Kashmiri Kahwa Tea flavoured ice – cream and Apple Cinnamon Crumble concocted with Apple Cinnamon Tea. Further highlighting the tea and food pairing, Chef Jolly ceremoniously presented the 4 course Tea Meal of – Salad, Soup, Main Course and Dessert. For a feeling of sensory stimulation, Apple and Pear Salad was served with a concoction of Cranberry Apple tea dressing. Secondly, Chamomile Vegetable Nage prepared with seasonal vegetable and Chamomile Tea infusion,was served, to unwind and bring in a sense of calmness to the palate. For the main course Pumpkin and Sage Ricotta Ravioli was served with Tulsi Green Tea for restoring the senses. Ending the session on a sweet note Chef paired Sahi Tukda with Cardamom Tea for a rich tantalising effect.Speaking on the occasion Mr. Sumit Shah, Executive Director, Madhu Jayanti International, said, “Each of us today lead many lives, filled with unique experiences, different feelings and varying moods. Wouldn’t it be great to have a special tea for every moment; a unique flavour to reflect every new ‘me? So we bring to all ‘TE-A-ME’ - an array of 17 delightful flavours that is a bouquet of nature’s bounty. We also thought what if these be paired with food and music would give a sensorial experience? The result was a stunning amalgamation of flavour, aroma and texture, perfevctly blended with great acoustics” Mr. Shah further added, “This fascinating range of tea bags, all crafted from fine handpicked tea leaves perfectly blended by experts with select ingredients makes for a perfect brew for the health as well as to soothe the mood”. The 17 mood-inspired TE-A-ME tea-bag variants enriched with ingredients handpicked from verdant gardens across different countries of the world, and crafted to perfection in tea-bags, thus offers an aromatic experience and visceral delight whenever paired with flavourful food to bringing out the essence of how tea acts as a mood enhancer. About Madhu Jayanti International Limited: Madhu Jayanti International Limited (Jay Tea), with an experience and expertise of over seven decades in sourcing, blending and packaging teas, today has largest tea bag manufacturing capacity in India and is amongst the top 5 exporter of value added teas from India. Incorporated in 1950, it caters to the uniquely different tea palettes of over 42 consuming countries. The depth of its reach and acceptance can be is manifested in its sales of over 11,000 tons of tea per year which adds up to 10 million cups a day., Madhu Jayanti clocks a turnover of INR 350 plus crore, driving 25% CAGR.Madhu Jayanti operates its business under two models viz. company-owned brands (contributing INR 200 CR) and Private Labeling (contributing INR 150 CR) with offerings in packaged tea and tea bags. In most markets, it works on a combination of these two models. It’s expertise lies in identifying local taste preferences and working backwards to match these tastes with teas & herbs from best suited origins. The company currently sources tea from tea-gardens across the globe including India, Kenya Malawi, Uganda, Sri Lanka, Turkey, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea offering Black, Green, Red and White Teas, Flavored Teas, and Herbal Teas and Fruit and Flower Infusions.Further, the company’s R&D department uses market and consumer trends to constantly develop new products. Following the global consumer trend of moving away from artificial sweeteners and flavuors, since 2001, the company has been using real ingredients such as real spices, real fruit and flower pieces, sometimes with 100% Natural flavors in all its blends. In the private labeling business, Madhu Jayanti supplies to over 80 international brands, several of which are multi-national retail chains. In India, Madhu Jayanti markets 2 regional brands - Lalpan (Karnataka) and Saraswati (Maharashtra) - clocking a turnover of INR 100 Cr. It is also pole position supplier in the HORECA segment with the likes of Café Coffee Day, Fresh & Honest (Barista), Metro Cash & Carry and now moving on to Aditya Birla Retail Limited (MORE), Hyper City & Costa Coffee.

  • Deccan HeraldBangalore | 13-08-2015

    MJIL eyes 15% tea bag mkt

    Hrithik Kiran Bagade BENGALURU: Kolkata-based tea major Madhu Jayanti International (MJIL), having sensed the growing popularity of tea bags among tea drinkers in India, has set its eyes on the segment, with robust expansion and development plans. The company, which has a diversified tea business spanning over 40 countries and involvement in contract manufacturing and own labels, has rolled out its latest tea bag offering called "TE-A-ME`, which has 17 types of teas under its umbrella, across five ranges. "We launched TE-A-ME, a premium brand for the mass segment, which is right now sold in Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Goa, Mumbai and Kolkata. We will be introducing it in Delhi by the year-end, following which we will take it to tier-II cities as well," MJIL Executive Director Sumit Shah told Deccan Herald. TE-A-ME is the company`s first in-house brand in the tea bag space. TE-A-ME tea bags contain different types of tea such as black tea, aromatic spices, natural green, fruits and flowers, and also, a wellness range. Over the next eight months, MJIL will be adding eight more teas to its TE-A-ME portfolio, taking the total to 25, which Shah claimed as the widest selection in the market. According to Onicra Credit Rating Agency, the market size, of tea in India is estimated to be around Rs 10,000 crore. The tea bag market in India, currently pegged at Rs 800 crore, is projected to grow to Rs 1,500 crore in the next 5-7 years. The company is eyeing a 15 per cent market share over the next three years by riding the 35 per cent growth in the tea bags segment. MJIL claims to be the largest tea bag manufacturer in India (including contractually manufactured bags), producing over 60 lakh teabags annually. With a turnover of Rs 500 crore, and a five-year CAGR of 25 per cent, Madhu Jayanti operates its business under two models — company-owned brands (contributing Rs 200 crore), and private labelling (contributing Rs 300 crore). Around 70-80 per cent of its business is driven by tea bags. "We have invested around Rs 15 crore until now, and plan to invest another Rs 15 crore towards our future plans, over the next 18 months, from internal accruals," Shah said. DH News Service

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